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Name: Akil

Age: 112

Appearance: Akil is a Mix between a disaster dragon and a magi dragon, so she has green scales with a bit of orange mixed into it. She have red eyes and a bit of a blue ring surrounding the red.

Personality: She more on the aggressive side of personality, but she will listen when it needed.

Powers: Her powers are limited to only one ability, so she relies heavily on her armor and fighting skills. Her only power is a wind storm on a F0 tornado scale, and if she get to a point of heat, she reaches a class F1 tornado. It does how ever, has a huge back lash to this ability for any class. The lash is that she, even though she cast it, can still very much get caught into the spell itself, and even injuring herself and lose control of this spell.

Opinion of Humans: it a Love/hate relationship.

Likes: She like the freedom she have now

Background: Akil was born in Slavery, from the time of her hatch. She never know her mother or her father. After about 3 years of being raised by other dragons, Akil was put straight to work on fields and started to carry wood back to her first master, who she served for about 20 years before being sold off. After some times she started to develop a hated for humans, and a bit after that for other dragons.