Yato by instockee-d7qx0tg


Name: Akira Koriko

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Specie: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Abilities: Dual wields swords, knows some pressure-point based hand combat

Attributes: Loud-mouthed, on-the-go, short-sighted (in thought), slight sociopath

View Towards Dragon: Neutral


Akira is a self confident teenager with an ego the size of Rudvick. He's talented with a sword and dual wields them in combat. He carries them in two scabbards across his back. In sight of his sword skills, he put them to use to make some gold, taking up bounty hunting. He doesn't have much of a sense for morality and will work for whoever gives him better coin. He is short sighted when looking at his future and in such, it ties into his issue with moral judgements. He would rather do something scummy for a good amount of gold than think about the consequences. This comes around to bite him in the ass sometimes, but not nearly enough to make an impression.