Home of the Aquarians, Aquios is a large volcanic island. It is composed of one giant supervolcano. The volcano is up and active, though controlled by the Aquarians so it does not erupt. The temperatures on Aquios are extremely hot, and humans and susceptible dragons are therefore unable to survive long there. Aquios is a dragon ruled island in a military-style pecking order. Their leader is Woltar, a kind old golden dragon. Troops of Aquios are trained for combat heavily as a cultural significance. They specialize in the element of fire and are such, immune to heat attacks. Trained troops of Aquios wear enchanted metal armor that will not melt under extreme temperatures. Aquios is a central trading and diplomatic post of nearby places and is often visited by outside continents.

Dragon troops train at the island barracks, which are located inside the super volcano. Only Aquarians are allowed in the barracks unless with special permission. Residential caves are carved throughout the outside of the volcano, right into its face. These caves lead down to market places where dragons can trade, enjoy hot springs, and other sorts of entertainment in the 'entertainment district' of the island. Down off the actual mountainout volcano is a heavy jungle that leads out to the ocean. Various wildlife lives inside the jungle, although none that pose threats to dragons. On the west side of the dragon is a large arena which the Aquarians use to host battle tournaments for practice and fun. This is a major tourist attraction for Aquios.