Name: Chi

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Specie: Hybrid (invalid)

Opinion: Bubbly to humans and dragons

Powers: Has the unique ablity to use magic through music . Whether she sings or plays her flute, the tone of her music can harm, heal, and much more. Also uses water for healing magic.

Chi stands at about 5'5. She has a human-like appearance but with dragon feet, a tail, horns, and wings. She is commonly mistaken for a halfing, which slightly bumps her status from a hybrid. People shun halfings as well, but she at least wasn't viewed as a mindless killing machine instead.

Personality: Bubbly | Outgoing | Passive

Chi has a very bright feel to her. She can light up a room by just entering it. She has a very optimistic view to everything, keeping herself and others upbeat when she can. This also attributes to her love of helping others. Chi is very caring of others so she cannot stand to see someone else in discomfort in any way- whether they're sad or in danger. She's always helping when she can, even if they despise her for her specie in the end.

Invalid Notations: Chi was deemed a "dud" for a few reasons. The most evident reason was that her human form had many dragon taints to it and she was not able to shift into a dragon- going against her assassination criteria. Chi also was born with zero defenses- her skin and scales being as weak as human flesh, making her a major flop as a soldier. Her hunters mode therefore, is near harmless as she can do next to no damage.

Further, her hunters mode does not function propperly. When she enters this mode, she doesn't directly become violent- not that she does much any damage with her lack of strength and attacks, but instead acts quirky. Her behavior is more that of a grumpy drunk as her coordination drops and she takes on a smartmouth, if not downright stupid behvior with a wave of her fist here and there.