Name: Dion

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Specie: Human

Opinion: Passionate to both sides

Personality: Quiet | Calm | Knowledgeable

Dion is a very quiet person that tends to keep to himself. He is good at generally keeping himself calm and collected through any situation. His knowledge extends far and wide, as he is a scientist. At the same time, Dion is a kind and nuturing type. He likes to help when he can and avoids all conflict to the best of his abilities.

Dion is one of the scientists that created hybrids. He was kind to his assigned hybrids and would released the "duds" he was given care of into the wild. Because of this, Dion knows all the hybrids running around out in the wild. He is the only living person that knows anything about the genetic structure of hybrids.