Dragonheart (JPN2)

Username: LordTorch10

Name: Drake

Age: 301

Appearance: scales are golden brown, eyes of emerald green, horns coming out of the back of his skull, fantastic wingspread of unknown size

Personality: can be wise at times, very friendly if you like dragons and want to get to know him, if you treat him bad, possibility he'll cook or freeze you where you stand

Powers: fire-breathing, ice-breathing, both can be used at will by drakes choosing, long-range spiked tail attack - can launch a spike from his tail hard enough for the spike to pierce an armored man enough to kill, takes two weeks for a spike to grow back

Opinion of Humans: despises the dragon haters

Likes: Ronan, dragon friendly folk, the old ways

Dislikes: anyone that hates dragons