Username: IDoNotExist

Name: Eric

Age: 20 In Human Years

Appearance: Six foot 2 inches tall, with light, messy, short brown hair. Green-Gray eyes. Body is slim but powerful. Wears a long green tunic with gray pants made of a heavy material, and sturdy worn-down boots.

Personality: Eric is a master hunter and trapper, who looks on the bright side of things whenever he can. He tends to be cautious, thinking through everything. He hardly loses his temper, but when he does, it is quite mild. He enjoys reading, and the acquisition of knowledge, but hasn't done much since the casting of the spell. His parents died of sickness when he was 15, and he left his village, to be alone, out in the wilderness. In time, he began to learn the ways of a hunter, trading furs, horns, and other things in exchange for food, useful tools, and occasionally books. When the dragons gained freedom, he had been returning from a trip, and watched the few dragons that they had possessed fly away. They burned down the village, but spared the humans, due to their kind treatment by the villagers. He fled out into the forest, and has been wandering since. On his travels, he met a weak, reddish-orange tomcat, nursed it back to health, and raised it himself. He named it Blaze, after the swirling patterns in his fur, and has traveled with him as his companion ever since.

Weapons/Abilities: Early on in the wilderness, he crafted a magnificent long-bow, made of extremely flexible material. To complement it's power, he has a selection of arrows, including small, light arrows, for longer distances, long, thick-shafted arrows for taking down large animals, and arrows with holes filled with flammable resin. He also carries a long, straight dagger, which could almost be mistaken for a short-sword. He is able to soothe dragons, humans, and animals, a passive-ability with unknown origins. It has been with him since his early years, and can calm angered egos quite easily. The most special of his powers is his ability to draw energy from organic organisms(Dragons, Humans, Plants, etc.) and channel it into healing. He is only able to draw energy by touching whatever his target is, and the power and speed of the healing increases the more sources he has access to. He is very reluctant to draw from animals, and tends to spread the burden over a large amount of plants, or draws from himself instead.

Opinion of dragons: He believes that dragons are mysterious, majestic creations, but avoids them in the wild, for fear of attack. He was a supporter of free dragons, but kept quiet.

Likes: Peace, Learning new things A good meal, and gaining new knowledge

Dislikes: Confrontation, cruelty, and hatred towards Dragons