Username: Corinnycat

Name: Flamanti

Age: 85 years 


Falconiform Wyvern female

(DISCLAIMER: this is not her art, it is from the official dragon cave wiki.)

Flamanti is a somewhat small Falconiform Wyvern. She is a deep black dragon with blue flames edging her wings. She also has a crest of flames on her head, back, and tail. She is about 5 feet tall while in her normal stance (wings as forearms and her back legs).

Personality: She is normally shy when approaching others, but if she is larger or they are human, she will act more dominant. She tends to be very untrustworthy also.

Powers: Flames on her jump up and grow larger when she is angry or trying to scare someone away. She can also breathe a blue flame, which is hotter than a normal orange flame.

Opinion of Humans: She is wary of them. She might approach one if they had food, but otherwise, she keeps away. She does not trust them, despite what false trust she might show.

Likes: Hunting food, watching from a distance, a peaceful flight around the woods.

Dislikes: Big humans or strong humans, too many dragons around, dragons larger than her.

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