Username: Foolsmoon

Name: Godsend

Age: 2 years, born during the war

Appearance: Grey Western Dragon with his top of his head being a little redder than the rest of his body, he has horns going down into a spiny frill down his neck. He is strong, muscly and rough in texture with his scales. His wings are thin and leathery but uncut or torn. His eyes are yellow gold and his talons are long and sharp. His back and feet look like they have been splattered with deep red blood

Personality: Cunning and stealthy. Flirts a lot with other dragons, can be traitorous.

Powers: Can create pure darkness all around him from smoke he emits from his nostrils, heals from mortal wounds

Opinion of Humans: they can be reasoned with and helped, but some are mean and unforgiving and must pay

Likes: The scent of cherry blossoms and rosemary, eating sheep and cow meat, cooking his own foods

size: medium height, about 25 feet tall, 30 feet long