Username: Darkmega5

Name: Honor

Age: 45

Appearance: A slightly deformed guardian dragon, with his tail shield looking more like a hand, thin as paper. His tail is also very long. He wears a necklace that has an action figure attached to it. 

Personality: Looks intimidating, but is actually very kind.

Powers: He can make his deformed tail shield into a fist to smash stuff.

Opinion of Humans: Hates all humans except one; Lucas.

Likes: Young dragons, wild berries, and Lucas.

Dislikes: feeling lonely, bad memories.

Size: 7"2

Some backstory Edit

Before the spell was cast, Lucas, (a small child at the time) admired his father. He wanted to be just like him, someone who hunted dragons. One day, Lucas' dad brought home a guardian dragon as a pet for Lucas. Lucas quickly grew attached to the new dragon. As they both played, they changed their opinions on each other's species. On Lucas' tenth birthday, he was given his arctic spear. However, this spear's freeze lasted a very little amount of time, and it has little freezing power. (FP.)  A four later, the spell was cast, freeing Honor along with the others. Lucas missed Honor, and Honor missed Lucas. In one of the earlier battles, Lucas' dad was killed. Later that day, Lucas found one of Honor's scales in his room. Lucas now uses his spear to fight opposing dragons, hoping to reunite with Honor one day. Honor now lives in a cave, caring for the younger dragons. Honor has one of Lucas' most prized action figures from his younger days, so that if Lucas ever finds him, he will recognize him.