Username: Draco8967

Name: Marc

Age: 23

Appearance: Look just like cloud yet he haves Black hair.

Personality: Mercenary. He have no aliment nor cares for anything

Weapons: Carries the same weapon as Cloud as well. He have the ability to change his form into anything he get blood from. Example. 'He takes a drop of blood from nick and turn into nick, and have everything nick does.' He Does not gain their Abilities unless it Flying. He will just sound like them, look like them and smell like them

Opinion of dragons: Does not care for dragons or humans. If he gets paid to kill them he will.

Likes: Money

Dislikes: Not getting paid

Other: He runs a group called knight riders of the darkness. A very well train assassin group, with archers, wolves, and assassins. They don't stop until their job is done.

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