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I am Nick. I am the oldest mage of Mage Tower Verista, but I guess saying that is redundant considering I'm the last mage of Verista. Once upon a time we were many and strong, but it was all torn away in a magical accident gone wrong. A terrible power wracked the land, and I found myself cursed with a new power at hand. Everyone I had known withered away before me while I remained untouched. It became too much for me before I locked myself away and focused on studying magic.

Books became my friends as I lost the ability to deal with people entirely. So consumed was I with my studies that I didn't even notice the fall of dragonkind as they were condemned to slavery, and I nearly missed their rise as well, if it had not been for whisperings of their minds. I doubt they knew I could hear them, but their secret was safe with me anyways. What did I care? At the coming of the dragons' revolution I too broke out of my own chains and stepped into civilization for the first time in hundreds of years. I wonder what I'll find.

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