Ronan kind of looks like this, except that he's younger and doesn't have any facial hair.

Username: LordTorch10

Name: Ronan Feran

Age: 24

Appearance:tanned skin, entrancing cyan blue eyes, very muscular, a scar of a cut on his left eye, and dozens of scars on his back, with 5 on his front torso, black hair, his outfit is black with red trim, bears the mark of his brotherhood on his wrist, and also the symbol on his left gauntlet.

Personality: Can get angered if pushed hard enough. When he's around people he cares about, he's softhearted, kind, gentle, etc. In battle he will fight till no other being trying to kill him is left standing.

Weapons: dual hidden blades with poison blade and hook blade, katana, Bone dagger, metal bow staff, 15 shurikens, crossbow

Opinion of dragons: Enjoys their company, and will listen to their wise words sometimes, unless of course one dragon tries to kill him, then he'll be forced to destroy it

Likes: friendly dragons, dragon lovers, and his partner Drake

Dislikes: monstrous (ones that want to kill humans) dragons, drunk fools