Username: SparksflY

Name: Salvo Elduth

Age: 350 or so.

Appearance: Large, powerful Cassare with ice blue eyes and multiple scars across his body. One of his horns is broken.

Personality: Like the rest of his species, Salvo is quick to anger and arrogant, and will take the smallest comment as a challenge. He is the fearless leader of a Cassare clan in Solomos, and very defensive of his clan. He will not trust any dragon outside of his species. Despite his arrogance, Salvo is intelligent and wise beyond his years.

Powers: Magic deadening ability.

Opinion of Humans: Stupid weaklings that kill without reason and enjoy tormenting others. He has a deep hatred for them.

Likes: His clan, other Cassares.

Dislikes: Humans, dragons outside his species.