Original artist unknown

Username: Rampaging Wyvern
Name: Spuma (Latin for scum). His real name is unknown.
Age: 453
Appearance: He's built like a standard Western, but emaciated from overworking and starvation. His wings have been cut off at the shoulder to prevent him from flying after an escape attempt, and to prevent wings from getting in the way when hauling metal. His forelimbs are quite short and he's able to switch between bipedal and quadruped stances at will (think Iguanodon). Abused as a 'portable furnace', his teeth and mouth are showing clear burning from breathing fire too often. He has clear scars from repeated whippings, mostly on his hind quarters, forming a mass of keloids.
Personality: Quite optimist, a trait formed over time to help him deal with his harsh life. He's empathetic and will willingly share whenever he can, even if it has negative outcomes towards him. Spuma can anger unpredictably but can sometimes restrain his anger, another thing learnt after discovering aggressiveness towards humans is not a good idea. 
Powers: Fire-breathing. He's also surprisingly strong despite his thinness.
Opinion of Humans: He thinks they are cruel to say the least. He hates slaving and being under control of what should really be prey. He does hope there are some out there who understand the dragon's plight, but he knows there aren't many.
Likes: Meat or anything remotely edible, sharing, being able to do something of his will whether good or bad, being strong both physically and mentally and triumphing over an obstacle, either physical or mental.
Dislikes: Working environments, seeing others in distress, whips (serrated ones in particular), cold (it hurts his joints making it harder for him to work, meaning he's harassed more by handlers) and he has an irrational fear of nails.

Other Artwork


Drawn by Red Dragonette.