The Georgian Lodge is an ancestral hunting lodge that has been maintained by the George family for generations. Built where the Wyverns defeated by their ancestors during the first great war roosted, the living quarters are built out from the mountainside, a wooden protrusion that starkly contrasts the grey rocks dominating the surroundings. The Lodge allows for ten people to live comfortably, although recent events has led to only Severin setting up residence. The larders are well stocked, although it is apparent that the fine food and wine will quickly run out.

The wooden walls are decorated with mounted horns, mementos of particularly challenging hunts. Many a dragon has met their end at the spears of the Georges. Alongside them are paintings, renditions of the family, and their trusted Wyvern steeds. Centuries of history is recorded in art in the Lodge, a reminder of how long the Georges have maintained their position of power.

The Lodge, however, extends beyond the structure on the surface. Where once mighty dragons nested and lived, Humans control their bastardized descendants. An armoury of hunting equipment is kept beneath an iron door in a vault of stone, filled with Crossbows, spears, and blades. The Wyvern's roost is positioned towards the peak of the mountain, a reinforced sunlight allowing them to bask. Up to 5 Wyverns, or one dragon can rest comfortably in the roost. The ground is padded with hay, allowing for the faithful companions of the Georges to rest in peace. Nearby is a larder stocked with dried meat, which has begun to rapidly disappear, given the ravenous appetite of Thaddeus.

Finally, a form of hangar has been carved into the mountainside, attached via a wide passageway to the Wyvern roost. While its small size makes it difficult (But not impossible) for Dragons to land, Georgian Wyverns can easily access it.