Name: Woltar
Breed: Gold
Age: 550
Residence: Aquios
Ties: Leader of Aquios

Abilities: White fire, very tough hide

Golden GloryEdit

Woltar is the current leader of the island Aquios. He was born and trained there since birth and now himself is the overseer. Time and training has made Woltar larger than the average Gold dragon. When on duty, he wears a large set of steel armor that is set apart from the average soldiers because he's a higher-up. Woltar doesn't tend to the trainees but will sometimes teach soldiers to be better in combat. His fire skills are the best of the island as he still holds the title of the arena Champion. When in tight spots, he will use his rugged scales to bash his opponents. His scales are still like the stones of the mountain and the added spikes are sure to knock anyone off balance. Most times, Woltar will be either in the main cave tending to business or looking over soldiers in the training areas. His talent as a leader and charisma has made him a very respected dragons to the island and to the other dragons around that visit Aquios.


Woltar has a very intimidating appearance to most. His voice is deep and gruff and often puts newcommers on edge. However, his appearance is quite decieving. Woltar is a friendly dragon that likes to see and encourage spirit in younger dragons. He enjoys long conversations and anyone willing to give him company. Woltar does well with children and is a sort of god-father figure to all the dragons on the island. He is very protective and will not let harm come to those he cares for. When provoked in dangerous situations, Woltar is very stern and forceful. He wont back down easily from something and is hard to persuade. Even so, Woltar is someone who will listen to what other have to say.