Username: Red Dragonette

Name: Yamato Fujimoto

Age: 28

Appearance: A southeast asian-looking man with black hair, almond-shaped black eyes and really light brown skin. He wears a black office suit & pants with a white dress shirt and a striped blue necktie. But these clothes are dirty due to having been wandering the woods for days without a proper shelter. His dress shoes are brown and just as dirty as the rest of his clothes.

Personality: A paranoid man who has to watch after himself at all times just in case danger like wild animals, robbers, or his greatest fear, dragons attack. Although armed with a knife to defend himself with, he can freeze nervously and hesitate to attack, unless he's about to get hit. He might get braver if he learns to face his fears like a warrior.

Weapons: A hunting knife, that was the only thing he could find and grab during his escape.

Opinion of dragons: He's very much afraid of them, due to the traumatic attack from a dragon during the Spell that nearly took his life.

Likes: Green tea, games that involve the use of the mind and intellect, and more will be revealed I think.

Dislikes: Dragons, dying, disease-causing parasites, his annoying grandmother (if she makes an appearance), and more will be revealed I think.